146th Battalion research project

The 146th Overseas Battalion A unit in the Canadian Expeditionary Force(CEF)

Check on the first Letter of the last name to see a list of names and regimental numbers.

A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I-J    K    L    M    N-O    P-Q    R    S    T    U-V    W    X-Y-Z   

The first place to start is to obtain their service number.
Check the above list, if they were in the 146th it will probably be there.
You can look on the goverment, Library and Archives Canada website using the service number.
Click here to start a search to find more information.
If they were an officer then you will have to use their surname as officers did
not have a service number unless commissioned from the ranks.
You will have to do a surname search. Hints on doing a surname search.