146th Battalion

The 146th Overseas Battalion a unit in the Canadian Expeditionary Force(CEF)

     The 146th "Overseas" Battalion, a unit in the Canadian Expeditionary Force was based in Kingston, Ontario. The unit began recruiting in late 1915 in the city of Kingston and the surrounding counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington. Recruiting offices were established in Enterprise, Tamworth, Flinton and Napanee. There were also recruiting teams that visited the hamlets of the townships.

     The 146th Battalion had a band consisting of nearly 60 members that played brass, bugles and drums. The band master was George Grange from Belleville who later went to the 21th and was commissioned Lieutenant. The brass and bugle band was drawn from the Salvation Army in Kingston. Their instruments were donated by A. Davis and Son, Kingston. "I'll Miss the Girl" was the regimental song of the 146th Overseas Battalion. The words & music were by John E. Harte and arrangement was by Charles E. Millner. It was published in Winnipeg and Toronto by Whaley, Royce & Co., circa 1916. The first line: "I'm going to fight for my country, dear" with the chorus: "I'll miss the girl".*1


     The Unit's Colours were presented by Mrs. J.B. Pense on behalf of the citizens of Kingston. After the departure of the battalion, the colours were deposited immediately in St. Andrew’s Church, Kingston.

Memorable Dates
Nov 28 1915 Officers and HQ established for the 146th Battalion
Nov 29 1915 1st recruits were taken on strength to 146th Battalion
Dec 22, 1915 The battalion was authorized as the '146th "Overseas" Battalion, CEF' and given authority to use the block of regimental numbers 835001 - 838000
May 22, 1916 The battalion is gathered at the Kingston Armory and marched to Barriefield Camp
July 3, 1916 The 146th Battalion took the train from Kingston, Ontario to Camp Valcartier, Quebec
July 4, 1916 The battalion arrived at Camp Valcartier, Quebec.
Sept 22, 1916 The battalion took the train from Camp Valcartier, Quebec to Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sept 24, 1916 The unit's last parade through the streets of Halifax (they remained on the train for that night at Pier 6)
Sept 25-27, 1916 Troop boarding, the 139th Bat, the No 5 Siege Battalion, and the 146th Battalion onto His Majesties Transport (HMT) Southland
Sept 25, 1916 The battalion started to embark (11pm) on HMT Southland
Sept 27, 1916 At 1:00 AM, the ship went into harbor to wait for convoy to leave.
Sept 27, 1916 Convoy departed Halifax Harbor, HMT Corsican, HMT Tuscania, HMT Southland, HMT Lapland, HMT Laconia, HMS Roxburgh (Devonshire Class cruiser) There were also two patrol boats and a trawler or mine sweeper
Oct 4, 1916 More cruisers joined convoy to escort through the English channel
Oct 6, 1916 At 11 AM, convoy arrived Liverpool
Oct 6, 1916 The battalion disembarked in England with 26 officers and 581 other ranks.
Oct 6, 1916 At 1 pm, the battalion took the train to Shorncliffe
Oct 6, 1916 At 11pm, the battalion arrived Chedritan Station
Oct 6, 1916 The battalion marched (in the rain) to Lower Dibgate Camp
Oct 7, 1916 The battalion arrived at Lower Dibgate (put up in tents.)
Oct 7, 1916 The 95th battalion band woke the unit by marching and playing around their tent lines.
Oct 8, 1916 Last parade of 146th Battalion before the men were transfered to other units.
Oct 9, 1916 Some of the battalion were absorbed by 95th battalion and 12th Reserve Battalion
Oct 26, 1916 1st draft of 146th officers left for France
Oct 27, 1916 1st draft of 146th men left for France
Nov 2, 1916 The remainder of the battalion went to winter quarters at South Camp Seaford
Nov 3, 1916 More of the men of the 146th joined the 4 CMR approx 117 men
Jul 17, 1917. The 146th "Overseas" Battalion, CEF was disbanded (physical)
Sept 1, 1917 146th Disbanded by Privy Council Order 2342 (paper)

The last Canadian World War I veteran John Babcock, joined the 146th Battalion, before being transferred to the Young Soldiers Battalion as he was underage.

*1 We have found a copy of the sheet music but still looking for a recording of the music. If you know where we could get a recording please message us.